I can’t believe it’s been more than a week since I’ve posted. I’m not even sure why, this week just went really quickly. Last weekend was full of awesome birthday celebrations, which I will post more about in the next few days. And it’s just been quick and a little exhausting. We’re trying to work out a new morning and evening routine here, so we’ve been kind of hyper-focused on that. But the end result is that I have a pile of stuff to post about now, including the fact that H turned 11 months old yesterday!

I took a ton of photos of her last night, but she was a little overtired and I wasn’t happy with them. We had an awful morning today trying to get blood drawn for some routine baby stuff, and that required a great deal of snuggle naps and smiling faces to bring everyone back to a happy place. H’s now asleep, but Adam and I are still not recovered. It was traumatizing, and we have to go back because it couldn’t be done properly. It’s been a funny weekend so far. But, I can get that out of my mind with these photos I took while we played in H’s room before dinner tonight. She is very much enjoying the 2013 Caldecott books.