I cannot say enough about the genius of this book. It is such a refreshingly analog experience in our digital world. And small children will find Herve Tullet’s clever book absolutely magical. A series of dots appears on each page, with simple instructions that lead to delightful results. If you press the very first yellow dot and turn the page, next you have TWO dots. And if you press that new yellow dot and turn the page, another dot appears! And as you make more dots, if you tilt the book to the left and turn the page all the dots are now jumbled on the left side of the book!

This is the kind of brilliant book that would keep a preschooler entertained for hours, and older kids will find it whimsical and charming as well. I won’t lie, I followed all the directions as they were written and was delighted to see what happened with each turn of the page (even if I knew how the tricks worked). I’m already brainstorming how this can be worked into a lesson this coming school year. It’s amazing.