The last weekend in April I went to a Bed, Breakfast and Quilt weekend with my mom and my Aunt Jackie in Wildwood. It was at the Adventurer Inn, which is a crazy retro shore motel in Wildwood Crest, right at the edge of the boardwalk. I love doing crafty stuff with my mom, and this was the first crafty retreat I’ve done with my aunt. But I’m always unsure of what these trips will be like, if I’ll be the youngest person there, if I’ll have fun. I am almost always the youngest (next to the occasional small child), but I learn a lot from the ladies and come back with tons of inspiration and tips on technique. But I do wish retreats and quilt shows were inhabited with more modern quilters. Right now NYC (an hour away) and Philly (1.5-2 hours away) are the closest places I can go to meet quilters like me, and I wish I knew more like-minded crafters in general. I wouldn’t trade the time with my mom for anything, but I’d love to see more diversity in the groups.

Anyway, I digress. I did have a great time, and I even got to see what happens when retired quilters get drunk. I also got an exceptional amount of work done, and I loved having the dedicated time to sew. And to harass my mom with questions. Aside from finishing Sandra’s quilt (which is now delivered), I started and finished this charity quilt top:

AND I found a use for this Moda candy bar, full of fabrics that just aren’t quite my thing (more on that later):

This was the room setup:

My mom does incredible applique:

My aunt working hard on a Christmas quilt top. This one made her crazy:

And then she finished it!

We played hooky for a few hours to head to Ocean City for lunch and fabric shopping. The town is stuck in time, and the quilt shop was really low on stock, but it did have some cool things:

The crosswalks were cool, too:

We had lunch at The Crab Trap, which was great for its name alone. Lots of local fish and seafood.

There was a high school band competition that weekend, so the boardwalk was full of kids with their instruments. You could hear wonderful music every second, out of every window, while the kids practiced like crazy in the street, in the hotel parking lots. It was very, very cool.

It was a good weekend.