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I fell behind again.

I think the main thing I’ve learned from the past year in quilting bees is that maybe they’re not for me. I have a hard time staying on top of these deadlines, and I’ve realized (selfish as it might be) that I really only like working on projects that are my style, my vibe, my interest. But now, I am officially finished with Bee Improvisational. It was supposed to end in April, but we lost a member. So, here are my last two for this bee. Going in the mail this week.

Jen wanted a WaveRunner block for February, which is so funny because this is Victoria’s tutorial. She runs the NYC Mod Quilt Guild.

Kristen wanted blocks made using Oh, Fransson!‘s Mod-Mosaic Floor Pillow tutorial. I kind of love this tutorial, I might use it for a project of my own one of these days.

Now I just have to finish Pretty in Pink’s March assignment, and I’m completely done.