I have come to LOVE my kitchen, but when we first moved in I was far from excited about it. The walls were originally off white, which was a really unfortunate color with those cherry cabinets. We had the entire kitchen and living room painted charcoal gray, which made it 1000x better instantly. Adam’s still not a big fan of the cabinets, he wants a much more modern and slick looking kitchen. The cabinets have grown on me, too. I spend a LOT of time in this particular room of the house, so I’ve gotten comfortable in it.

But there are 2 things I want to do in this room. I want to put up a tile backsplash.

And I really, really want to put in new door hardware. I HATE these generic door knobs.

So while I’ve been home sick the past few days I’ve been fantasizing about backsplash tile and doorknobs. It’s the little things when you’re not feeling great.

I kind of like this Lush Bittersweet tile. I’m also weirdly drawn to these chocolate brown ModDotz. I also love these brick-style glass tiles, which remind me of Richard Castle’s kitchen.

I love Restoration Hardware’s knobs, and Atlas Homewares has some great hardware, too.