Last night I braved the extremely cold temperatures to meet up with Meredith at the Winter Antiques Show at the Armory. Everyone was so posh (I was still wearing my turtleneck and fur-lined boots from school) that I didn’t want to conspicuously walk around with my camera. So I took a few questionable shots with my phone instead.

I couldn’t get enough of this crib quilt, made circa 1915 in upstate NY. And if I’d had $9500 spare, it would have been mine.

I also loved this “Flora” cabinet made by Josef Frank around 1940. It was fabulous, and the Hostler Burrows booth had my favorite booth design. Light walls, and everything in it would make sense in a modern home. I have a hard time imagining antiques in our house, but this booth inspired me quite a bit.

Cora Ginsburg’s booth had the most amazing textiles, this was my favorite.

I thought this “Rustic Armchair” was also incredible, but unfortunately I didn’t get a good shot of it. There were two, actually, at the Hirschl & Adler booth.

And then I just loved the winter decorations in the main lobby of the Armory. Hard to get a good shot of, but they were so whimsical and chic.

It was worth the cold.