I spent Saturday driving up and down the BQE with Maggie. We hit up the Brooklyn Flea, DuMont for brunch, and Moma’s PS 1 in Long Island City. But this was by far the coolest thing I saw: 5 Pointz Gallery on Davis St. And it was completely by accident, I turned down the street to park and we found it.

I need to bring Adam there so he can take pictures, it was amazing. We didn’t go inside, though.

DuMont had okay brunch fair, but the draw was really the garden in the back. It had very cool beams overhead.

I have to say, I really wasn’t wild about PS 1. Mostly because I felt unsure of what it was supposed to be. Outside in the courtyard were tons of families and kid-friendly activities like a wading pool, giant balls to play with, etc. There was a stage set up for Warm Up, their summer music events on Saturdays. That’s actually why we were there, but an hour and a half after it was supposed to start there were no signs of life on stage yet.

But the thing that got me was the juxtaposition of the kid-friendly environment outside and the areas of hardcore pornographic exhibits inside. Neither of those things on their own bother me, but I only saw 1 sign warning of extreme content, and it was in front of an open doorway with the hardcore stuff in plain view. Not much of a warning. Other areas weren’t as aggressively sexual, but still some things that don’t scream “family day out” to me. The lack of direction (be family-friendly or hardcore, not both) and communication with visitors was uncomfortable. The staff seemed unclear about taking pictures. Some let me, others didn’t, it was very confusing. Not my favorite spot.

However, I always have a fabulous time with Maggie. And the whole day was worth it to me just to see Davis St. Must go back there.