Archive: April 25, 2010

Today I’m posting twice. Both the Philly Modern Quilt Guild meeting and the Beefsteak deserve their own posts. And it was quite a Beefsteak this year.

We had 10 people this year for our table, and we had to defend our title from last year in the bread sculpture competition. We take this competition very seriously, I’m not sure why. But once everyone has doubled over into a beef coma from the all-you-can-eat food, we get a second wind and set out to build these elaborate pieces of art with bread. And we won again, 2nd year in a row. Next year the competition will be fierce, I can feel it.

It was my niece Grace’s first beefsteak. You have to start young.

This year we built a ship out of bread, complete with skewers as masts (we bring skewers and toothpicks for support each year). We covered the masts in the decorative napkins my mother brought to make our table look festive. I swear, that’s who I get it from.

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Yesterday I was finally able to get to a meeting of the Philly Modern Quilt Guild. I’ve missed the 1st two, so I definitely didn’t want to miss this one. Especially after I made my House in the Night pillow for the occasion. It was great to put some faces to the blogs I read and hang out with these very cool ladies. And I got tons of inspiration from the pillow theme. Forgive the terrible pictures, I didn’t have my regular camera with me.

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