I didn’t post yesterday because a) the days here are pretty much the same: beach/pool, food, drinks, more food, activities and b) the sunburn I got on Wednesday had turned into a raging red inferno by the time I woke up. It hurt to do anything. I was too out of it to even take pictures of the beach bikini contest and BBQ we went to. Muscle aches, long sleeve waterproof shirts, and general unhappiness prevailed until 4pm when I went to the spa.

I love Spa Days, I try to have one on every vacation. And this one here at the Majestic Elegance (we’re at the Elegance, I said Escape before but that’s the sister hotel next door) is one of the nicest I’ve been to while traveling. I was scheduled for a milk and honey wrap and a massage, but the hostess took one look at my lobster-colored body and switched me to the SOS treatment.

Oh, glorious Catalina and her SOS treatment! She exfoliated me (ouch!) and then rubbed me down head to toe with this ice-cold algae and aloe vera mixture the texture of pudding. Then she wrapped me in saran wrap and let it soak in for who knows how long while she massaged my burned face with something else heavenly. A massage with heavy duty moisturizer, and by this morning I was as good as new.

And today has been largely the same as our other days. But I did score this adorable new cover up from one of the shops here at the resort:

And my skin was so healed after that spa treatment that I took off the sunguard shirt! It was a spring break miracle!

And we spent most of the day on this sunbed, rather than hiding under a hut. Adam did tie up those curtains to keep out the sun, though.

Now we’ve missed Bingo at the Plaza Bar, but we can always find something to do until we’re hungry enough for dinner. It’s totally liberating doing nothing.