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It’s finished!


And it’s hanging up in its spot in the kitchen. I absolutely love it. The first project I’ve done out of I Love Patchwork is a success. I really like this book, and I have several more projects from it marked to try out.


Really, really like this calendar. And it didn’t take as long to make as I thought it would. I may put this in my gift file, things that I can make and give to people. I would refine my quilting around the edges a little, but other than that I’m really happy.


And making the buttons was crazy fun. A really good project to work on when you’re sick, which I have been all week (apparently I have the flu!). Nice monotonous work to do when you’re not feeling up to much else.

This project also gave me an excuse to use the first of the gift cards my mom gave me for Christmas. I’ve been meaning to buy grommet pliers for a while now since so many projects call for them. So I used her gift card to buy a gadget that will help me with a bunch of other projects, and to buy the buttons and trimmings for this calendar. Perfect!