Me outside the Louvre.

A short video of what we saw.

But before noodles…

national library france

La Bibliothèque nationale de France. We swung by on our way to noodles. Most of the books are in a new, modern building now. But this is the original.

choscu shoyu noodle bowl

Time Out: Paris listed this noodle shop called Zen (8 rue de l’Echelle), and that’s where we went for lunch. This shoyu (soy sauce) broth with pork and ramen is honestly the best noodle bowl I’ve ever had. Same with the gyoza Adam and I shared. The. Best. Ever. And just a few blocks from the Louvre.

We went to the Forum Les Halles in the late afternoon. It’s a giant, overwhelming underground shopping mall. It was absolutely packed with people, but it did have this very cool film library in it (next to a screening house). Almost all the books in the library were under the 700 section of the Dewey Decimal system (where film and its subheadings would be), and the whole place has pink lighting. This delights me no end.

film library

And then we did the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie during the free hours (Wednesdays 5-8pm). There was an exhibition of Robert Delpire’s publishing empire happening.