I landed in Seattle late last night, Adam was already here for PAX (Penny Arcade Expo). It’s a huge video game convention for fans, and he’s in his element. I went with him today to see a panel of G4 presenters and staff talk about the convention, must-see games, and answer fan questions.

I really don’t know a tremendous amount about video games, but I’m part of the world through Adam. I watch X Play, and I really like watching him play games. This is probably less fun for Adam because me “watching” means I say things like, “What does that guy do?” “I’m sorry, but that girl couldn’t POSSIBLY be that size in real life. Her lungs wouldn’t work.” “Is this the one where he goes to the woods?” “What’s an ‘RTS’ game?” “Are you going to turn left or right up ahead?” “Ooh, make her outfit a different color!” and his favorite, “You missed that coin up there, see it?”

Okay, maybe I’m not quite that bad. But you get the idea. I’m a little lost with all the insider knowledge here, but I have seen some very cool stuff. I’m not a total beginner around games. And I spent the afternoon exploring the area while Adam went to a panel on security enforcing on XBox Live and a panel with Wil Wheaton and audience video game ideas.


Demoing a new Katamari game.


A couple dressed as Princess Peach and Raccoon Mario from Super Mario 3.


My beer sampler from The Pike Brewing Co. I had a cheese pairing to go with it.


The famous market.


One of the fish guys from the Pike Place Fish Market.


Another guy at the fish market. It’s hard to catch them actually throwing fish.


I found this great quilt shop, Undercover Quilts, inside the market. Great selection of modern and more traditional fabrics.


Really good cookies from Cow Chip Cookies on Pike St.


I love this guy, he was making balloon animals for all the kids at the market.