I didn’t make it to PAX today, but we spent the day exploring the sights in Seattle. It was pouring on and off all day, so we did as much inside as we could. We went to the Experience Music Project/Science Fiction Museum. They didn’t allow photographs inside, but it’s a great facility with tons of cool stuff. Great artifacts from the world of sci fi, and these cool rooms where you can record yourself playing guitar and a bunch of other instruments.

Then we took a Duck Tour of Seattle. Ninety minutes on an amphibious truck cruising around Seattle, then around Lake Union. And our tour guide was hysterical, we may take duck tours in other cities someday.


Our tour guide.


The Space Needle! The line was too long to go up to the top.


The duck on land.


The duck on water.


We saw this guy flying a giant kite in Gas Works Park off Lake Union. It kept lifting him right off the ground, it was fantastic.


This is the old gas works in the park. The space was converted to a park in 1975, it looks incredible from the water.


This guy was a plant; we clapped at him, and he began dancing on the sidewalk.


After we took the tour, we hopped on a bus and went to Red Mill Burgers. The best burger in Seattle according to tons of articles. The bun was a little big, but other than that it was delicious. And seriously, the fries and shakes were out of this world. Good onion rings, too.