last bee square purchase brightMy favorite fabric store, Bee Square Fabrics, is going out of business. This is the shop that sponsored the Dr. Seuss quilt contest. So a few weeks ago I made my final purchase from her ginormous 50% off sale. And as sad as I am to see Diane go, I’m kind of giddy over my haul. Some of these are prints I’ve had my eye on for ages, and they were hugely discounted (you never see these prints on sale). So now they’re sitting on my cutting table, taunting me. I’ll have to make some really exceptionally cool things with this stash as a proper farewell to Bee Square. But not until school gets out. Nothing fun happens until school gets out. *4 more days*

The sale is happening until July 15th or until her inventory runs out, whichever happens first. Here are the details if you’d like to see what she has. Almost everything is sold out now, but there are 3 or 4 still left.