Galipette box

This is the happiest box I’ve ever received in the mail. Little Brown Pen posted a couple of weeks ago about Galipette, a French Pastry Lab that makes amazing salted caramels. They looked so good that I immediately ordered a box. At $12 a box (plus shipping), this is the best money I’ve ever spent.

I don’t know how I made it so many years on this earth without ever having salted caramels before. But these, called Trocadero, are so delicious that I’m trying not to eat them. I don’t want them to run out. And I’m already thinking about ordering my next box. They take a little while to arrive from Paris, but when that little box appears it’s all worth it.

Now I really can’t wait for our trip to Paris this summer. I will be hunting these bad boys down all over the city.