argh!So I took this picture yesterday, but this is what my machine was doing back when I first realized it needed help. I dropped it off at Sears, which I knew was a mistake almost as soon as I walked in the door. But I was kind of at a loss about what to do with it, and it is a Sears brand after all. I tried to explain to the service guy what the problem was, that the bobbin thread kept locking up and getting all knotted together, or it just got sucked back into the bobbin casing and wouldn’t sew anything at all. After I’d signed my sewing machine away to Sears to be fixed the guy told me they don’t service them there. They send them out to Long Island to be serviced, and it takes about 10 days. So I left it, despite my concerns that they wouldn’t have any idea how to fix it. I got the machine back in less than 10 days, without any kind of note stating what the problem was. They oiled it and sent it back, basically (this I deduced after the oil kept coming off on my fingers when I threaded it). And charged me $80 for the privilege.

So yesterday I was all set to make a crafter’s apron with some of the new fabric I bought with my birthday loot, and this happened after about 10 minutes of sewing. I was going along just fine, and then it started doing this. I cleaned out the bobbin casing, tore out the tangled threads, and tried again. And again. And…again. And it still did this, even when I moved to a new part of the fabric. Grrrr!