I Want One For Every Classroom Everywhere Ever

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

My fabulous and amazing mentor Dee sent this out today, and I love it. Zazzle is now selling prints, tees, bumper stickers with this Burning Through Pages graphic (in addition to some other equally outstanding book nerd goodies). I support everything about this.

October at the Library

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I don’t have my Halloween decorations up yet, but I do have all of my October displays out.

I love my displays so much more now that I’m doing the signs in color. And work has been so great this month, I’m tackling a ton of projects that are so satisfying. My brain is working pretty well during the 2nd trimester, so I’m taking advantage before it turns to mush again in a couple of months. I’ve totally revamped the Battle of the Books program at school, I’ve got the schedule finished for the library moms, I put in another great book order, I finally tackled the filing system my predecessor left behind, and all my lesson plans are written through the first week of November.

I love productivity.

BEA: The Books!

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Other BEA posts: BEA 2009, BEA 2011 Pt. 1.

Let’s just take a moment to breathe this in, shall we?

63 books. Sixty-three glorious books. In TWO DAYS.

And yet the more I read about BEA, the more I feel I need to do differently next year. People seem to have the science of BEA-going nailed down to precise Swiss-inspired movements, but I stumble around from booth to booth gawking at beloved authors and grabbing bags. And donuts. And posing with Elephant and Piggie.

Don’t get me wrong, I brought my “A” game this week. But I’ve only been to BEA once before, and that was 2 years ago. I’m out of practice, and I haven’t perfected my technique. Tickets to great signings were not obtained, video cameras were forgotten at home, and I didn’t believe in the sweet relief of bringing an empty suitcase until Day 2.


Travelogue: Northern England, Day 3 (Nov. 6th)

Friday, November 12th, 2010

This was the day we went into Sheffield to see where Adam grew up and to meet up with his friends.

I wanted to go to Cromford because I’d read there was a quilt shop there. On the way we stopped at Caudwell’s Mill and Craft Centre.

This guy must sit there all day waiting to get his picture taken in the iron works. I actually walked in and turned right to take photos of the cool old machinery, and he said, “Over here!” I almost jumped out of my skin, I hadn’t even seen him. (more…)

A Fall List

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I’ve done a lot since my Back to School List, and I’ve updated that one with all the things I’ve gotten done. But I’ve got all new things juggling in the air now that the holidays are approaching. I have so few free weekends left in 2010, I’ve really got to get myself organized. October has sailed by in this haze, I’m not sure exactly how that happened. But now it’s time get serious!

  • I finished shifting all the books at school, now I need to clean out the library’s office and get that organized.
  • I need to finish processing the new books and get them out on display.
  • I still need to do a video order for school.
  • I need to make a new guide for my parent volunteers in the library.
  • I need to get the finishing touches for my Halloween costume for school on Friday.
  • I haven’t carved my pumpkins yet.
  • I still haven’t gone back to yoga.
  • We’re heading to England for a long weekend soon, I need to get organized for that.
  • I need to get my MIL’s birthday presents together for the trip.
  • The laundry and ironing are climbing the walls AGAIN.
  • I really, honestly, truly need to get going on my holiday presents. Like, yesterday.
  • I’ve been doing a ton of reading, which is great. I need to read 84 books to tie with last year, which is 42 books less than I had to read when school started. So, I think I might make it! (This is a Nerd Alert item, I know).
  • I need to make my December challenge quilt for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild.
  • I still need to make my October bee blocks, I’m still in 2 bees.
  • I’ve started thinking about our holiday party, Christmas activities with our families, and our New Year’s plans. I’ve got to firm up some things for all of those.

So…not too much to do. :/