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sherry garlic beefThis is another super easy Rachel Ray recipe. It’s from a recipe for a trio of tapas, but I only make this one. And I increase the quantities to make it a whole dinner. This was one of the early dishes I learned to cook in Hoboken when Adam and I had just started living together.

The dish takes maybe 10 minutes to make, another reason I love it. Adam always wants this with mashed potatoes, and that’s what takes all the time. I don’t even start making it until he’s draining the potatoes and mashing them up (he always makes the mashed potatoes).

Most of my prep photos were blurry because I had the wrong settings on my camera. But I threw in one.

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grilled cheese and tomato soupI’m not a big fan of cooking on the weekends. Sunday night dinners I can absolutely get behind; those slow-cooked all-day recipes just ain’t happening during the week. But Friday and Saturday I often need a break.

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