I’m feeling better after battling the flu and then a superinfection on top of it. I was down from December 28th until this past Friday, the 5th, when I went back to work but still felt pretty grim. I didn’t really start functioning until yesterday, and I’d say I’m still about 80%. Just need to catch up on sleep and recharge my batteries.

I didn’t write public resolutions this year, although I have a few I’m keeping for myself. But I did write this piece for Glittersquid on my thoughts and plans for the new year. I’m adopting “Do Something” as my phrase for the year, and I’m trying to document a year of actively creating, getting involved, and making progress on my @lifeintheorangeroom Instagram.

I have so much I want to DO this year. I love my job, and now that I have that piece of my existence under control there is all this mental space to create and build. Quilts I want to make, things I want to write, to learn, to read. I want to work on this blog more thoughtfully, and hone my social media to make it a place I want to be. I’m burned out on Twitter and Facebook right now, but Instagram is where my heart lies. I made my original account private after I started working for The Times, and that’s something else I want to work on. Just creating a few privacy barriers around my online world, now that it is slowly growing a bit bigger. To protect my kid, my sanity, etc etc.

So, 2018 is going to be amazing. I’m just getting started.