So these are a day late, but I wanted to spend my last day of winter break actually working on some of these goals. But here are my official 2013 New Year’s Resolutions. I’m feeling really good about this list.

  • Organize, organize, organize! This is The Year of Getting Myself Together. I want to develop a home managementand a work management plan to help juggle this insane roller coaster of a role that is Working Mom. I’m tired of ironing piling up, my desk piling up, my To Do list piling up, forgetting about dinner until the last minute. Adam is an amazing help, but only if I can tell him what I need help with. Mommy Brain prevents this. And last fall I was so exhausted after work that I squandered the precious time I had to get things done because I couldn’t focus enough to decide what needed doing. So my first goal is a fool-proof plan for keeping all our family ducks in a row. Just a little life management overhaul, nothing TOO ambitious.
  • Time management. This is really an extension of my first goal, but in addition to actually keeping life organized I need to plan my time better to keep it that way. I’m working on a plan that will help me with both of these: getting me organized andhelping me manage my time better.
  • Redesign this blog! My fifth blogging anniversary is coming up in April, and in honor of that I want to really take a look at what I’ve loved about blogging for the past 5 years. I also want to look at what needs improvement.
  • Work my side hustle. I finished my first commissioned quilt just before Christmas, and I loved the whole process. This year I want to explore how to build my Orange Room Empire *insert evil laugh here* while balancing my librarian career. This may take a backseat until summer, but if my Big Life Plan helps get me on track I may tackle this one sooner. And I’m going to need to call on my friends (I’m looking at YOU, Kathy!).
  • Be a more present friend and relative. Remember birthdays, send cards, spend more time. H is getting old enough now that I don’t feel guilty being away from her for a few hours, so I need to try and get some of my own identity back. I think I’ve actually been pretty good about not falling into the Void of Motherhood, where my own self completely disappears. But I could be better.
  • Ask for help!! I really want to see if I can find a mother’s helper in my neighborhood, for starters. And the next time I want to head into the city with friends for the afternoon (or even just to get a haircut), I think I’ll be giving Nana a call for some grandbaby time. Obviously Adam is fine hanging out with the baby, but he kind of needs his solo Dad time, too.