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We haven’t left the resort in 4 days, but this morning we headed out to Croco Cun Zoo, which is right nearby. It was so much fun! It’s an interactive zoo that used to be a crocodile farm. They have more than 200 crocodiles hanging out around the place. It’s not a wandering zoo, you get a guided tour (and bring tip money, our guide was well worth it). It takes about an hour to walk through, but you pet some very cool animals that are almost all local to Mexico. They also take in rescues and confiscated animals that people used to keep as wild pets.

It was extremely very hot, and humid, but almost all of the walking tour is in the shade. H brought her doctor kit so she could treat any wounded animals the zoo might have, because you can’t convince a highly imaginative, highly motivated five-year-old that the zoo’s doctor is better than she is.

There are So. Many. Crocodiles. This was one of at least half a dozen croc pits. But we saw the babies first, and got to hold one of them.

Opening wide, just like Coco the baby crocodile. 

Brave animal lover. 

We got to know the parrots, like Sparky here. Who likes to nibble ears.

Penelope the snake. I didn’t think I would hold a snake, but she was really sweet, and we all had a turn.


Burmese python. This guy was one of the few imports. Our guide told us a lot of Burmese pythons hang out in Florida these days, because people imported them as pets and they either broke free or were set free.

We walked the crocodile gauntlet, with crocodiles just out in the open hanging out while you stroll by.

We had snacks to feed the animals, but the guide holds on to them. Because there are spider monkeys everywhere, and they like to swoop down from the trees and steal snacks.

They’ve kind of moved into the zoo of their own free will because their local habitats were lost to hotels and homes. So they basically showed up at the zoo and made themselves at home, there are (I think?) 22 of them here and there.

And then we saw some white-tailed deer, which are just everywhere from Canada to Brazil. Not the most interesting local animal, but H loved them and gave out free checkups everywhere. And snacks.

So, that’s our first field trip away from the resort. I think we’ll try to do one more excursion to break up vegging out by the pool or on the beach. But this was an awesome one, I definitely recommend it.