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Today’s soup post is kind of a softball one, since I have one photo and it’s a summer soup. H’s in bed with a 101 fever as we speak after spending the day running around the city meeting Elmo and having adventures. I’m pretty pooped, so a one-photo soup seemed about right for today.

I found this recipe on Pinterest when I became fixated on making gazpacho in September, when the heirloom tomatoes were still around. It’s from the blog Oui, Chef, and I won’t repost the whole thing here (I’m weird about reposting recipes from blogs vs. magazine websites). But it was delicious. Good enough to change Adam’s opinions about cold soup being gross (an opinion I also used to share). You basically need two pounds of good tomatoes, some other veggies, oil, seasoning, and wheat bread. And a blender. It’s basically put all of the ingredients in a blender, turn it into soup, and eat it cold.

I didn’t make croutons, though. I made grilled cheese instead, for a little chilly reversal of one of my favorite meals.