I kind of went crazy with strawberries this year. So much so that I have a whole week’s worth of strawberry recipes to post. So I’m doing one a day, and I’m starting with the shortest.

I was allergic to strawberries as a kid, but last year I made this strawberry pie to satisfy Adam’s love for the berries. And. I. Was. Smitten. Strawberry pie, on its own, was so good I actually daydreamed about it for the rest of the year.

So when Adam’s boss had a cookout right at the beginning of strawberry season last month, I jumped on it. H and I headed out to Battleview Orchards and loaded up. I used the same strawberry pie recipe I used last year, but I decided to make hand pies instead. Meredith posted about her strawberry rhubarb hand pies at the same time, and then I knew for sure this was a good idea.

First I bought this pie mold to help me shape them. You use one side of the mold to cut out the crust shapes.

Then you use the mold to fill and shape the pies.

I followed the mold’s directions for baking the pies, and when all was said and done I made 13 pies. This ended up taking, I think, 4x the amount of dough of one pie and 2 or 3x as much filling. I really should have written that down for next year.

Also, I should have taken photos of the finished pies. I honestly, truly thought I did. But I cannot find them anywhere. Remember that H was not quite 2 months old at the time, so I was even more scatterbrained than I am now. Just trust me when I say they were delicious, and they got eaten at the barbeque.

Yeah…I promise the rest of the strawberry posts aren’t this lame.