After 3 planes and something like 17 hours door to door, Adam and I arrived in Kauai last Sunday. We spent a great week there, Kauai is just so chill. Chill enough to drive me to actually describe it as “chill.” I must still have Island Brain.

Anyway, we stayed at the Kauai Beach Resort, which is a “Luxury 3 Star Resort Near the Airport” according to its Google search result. Perfectly nice, nothing groundbreaking, comfortable spa and pool, and it was about $130 a night. So as far as we’re concerned, best resort evah! It took us 2 days to get the internet sorted out, which did nearly give me a nervous breakdown, but it was all good in the end.

Here are some of the basics, I’m still sorting through my fancy camera photos. These are all just point and shoots.

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