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The last day of our trip, Friday, was spent driving from Flagstaff to Phoenix, where we had dinner with Shey and caught our flight home. I wore one of her camera straps the entire trip. It was so good to see her, but I was too busy enjoying her family to take any pictures. I did, however, take lots when Adam, Cora, Ian and I spent the morning in Flagstaff and then drove down to Sedona before parting ways (they continued on to Mexico and just got home today).

This was my favorite thing about Flagstaff:

Cutest. Store. Ever.

Flagstaff just reminded me of a typical college town, but very outdoorsy and flat.

We stopped at Oak Creek Canyon. A baby canyon compared to the previous day’s adventure, but I bought a beautiful necklace made of Nevada green turquoise here.

We also stopped at Slide Rock state park because the scenery on the drive to Sedona was too amazing for words.

And then we came home.

I’m already daydreaming about a spa trip back to this area. I could do this trip again, easily.