Michaela's drawingI┬áhave this adorable kindergartner at school named Michaela, and she has super curly hair like mine. We have bonded over this, and she’s forever running up to give me hugs and tell me how much she likes my hair. Yesterday she gave me this drawing that she made of me (that’s me in the middle). She told me it says, “Mrs. Reeves love her hair.” (A lot of the kids put an “S” at the end of my last name, and I mostly just let it go).

There are many things I love about this drawing, like the foam heart caterpillar she glued on, the fact that she can write that well in kindergarten, the fact that it’s on neon colored paper. But my favorite thing is that she told me her mother didn’t know it was a present for me and accidentally threw it in the trash. Michaela asked her mom to dig it out, which she did, and Michaela said to me, “There’s just a little bit of food on it, but I hope you still like it!” And there’s a giant cookie crumb of some kind glued on to the back of it, along with slight signs that it spent part of its life in a trash can.

I don’t know why, but this makes me love it more. I’m definitely hanging it up in my office; if it was that important to her for me to have it, it’s that important for me to hang it up in my “museum.”