CoastersSo the first things I’ve been working on for my Etsy store are coasters. Waaaay back in April of last year, I made my friend Maggie some coasters for her birthday. It was the subject of my very first post on this blog. I loved those coasters, and I decided that would be a good thing for me to make. But I wanted to speed up the process and do some cleaner, simpler designs┬áto start with. So I’ve been working on all kinds of color variations and patterns, and these six are the first successful batch of combinations I’ve made. I’m really excited about them, and I’m becoming a little obsessed with coasters. They’re incredibly satisfying to make because they’re so quick, and they let me try different fabric combinations without the commitment of a big project.

So I’m sure I will be making more combinations, especially since I have limited yardage on some of these fabrics and may run out if people actually buy them. But I like this set of six designs┬áto start. I’ll be selling them as groups of 4 for each design, but I’ve only made samples to start. I’ll be making most things to order at first, just so that I don’t risk having a houseful of made objects that no one buys. If there’s an interest, then I can start to make more ahead of time.

Adam is going to help me with the photos for all my items since he’s brilliant with a camera. I’ve decided that I want 5 items (coasters, baby blankets, etc.) to start, and I want them available in different color combinations. I won’t make samples of all the combinations, I did that for the coasters because they’re so small and it was so quick. And I want to have things up and running in my store by my birthday. February 10th. Sooner if I get everything together, but definitely by then.