Today is the first day of school for the kids in my current library, so last night I had a program called School Year Resolutions.

First we read Splat the Cat, Rob Scotton’s fun story about a high-strung cat who is very nervous about his first day at cat school. I had a few little ones who could relate, but most of the kids were old pros going into 2nd and 4th grade.

Then I explained what “resolutions” are and we each wrote out a list of about five things we hope for this school year. Then we glued them to construction paper and decorated them so we can look at the lists all year. I made a list of my own resolutions for my new job at this new school, and I used that to talk to some of the kids I’m closest to about my upcoming departure. They were sad, but I think working it into the program was good because we talked about how I’m nervous and excited just like they are. And they came up with some great goals for the school year.

My School Year Resolutions.

Resolutions from Rosa, a new 2nd grader.