It has taken me forever to finish Ronnie: The Autobiography, but I’ve finally done it! Back in March I saw Ronnie Wood on Top Gear talking about his book, and I decided to read it. It is filled with vivid rock and roll stories of debauchery, music, celebrities, and art. But I struggled through it for two reasons.

1) I spend a lot of time reading books for children and teens. Getting through a book for grown ups takes me much longer than it should. When I do read adult books, they tend to be novels. Prose is fluid, but nonfiction isn’t as lyrical and it’s often harder for me to stick with it.

2) Wood is a great story teller, but his writing is sometimes all over the place. The chapters jump back and forth in time, so you just have to keep up with the frenetic pace and piece together what’s happening. For me, that required a few pauses to catch my breath and figure out where I was.

Those two points aside, if you want to read a tale of a rock and roll life spanning 6 decades, this is a fun read. Wood has stories about everyone from Eric Clapton to the cast of CSI. I will say that his stories through the 60s and the 70s were the most riveting. I’m glad I read this.