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June Outfits 2016

We’re having a pretty great month here. My knee has been so much better, school is out, I’ve been working on some new writing assignments, and I’ve lined up two quilts that will be published later this year and early next. We’ve been getting really crafty around here, and we’ve had adventures all over the place. It’s been amazing!

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May 2016 Outfits

I am really late with this one. This spring has been crazy with knee surgery, our UK trip, and Adam switching jobs. So much good stuff, lots of stress, mountains of laundry to do.

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April 2016 Outfits

Still here, and still on crutches. I took very few photos this month because I’ve been living in yoga pants and sitting down a lot. April was a ride, I am very much hoping to be off these crutches next week and getting back to normal life. My family has been amazingly helpful, but I miss every day things.

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March 2016 Outfits

This month was full of birthdays and celebrations and fun. Hannah and I are out in Lancaster county as I type this, checking out trains and horses and fabric and ice cream. We head home tomorrow, and maybe I’m just viewing the month with rosy glasses because I’m having so much fun with my little sidekick. But, March rocked.

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February 2016

If January was all about decluttering, February was all about illness and injury. Meh. But also, birthdays and parties!!

This was the month I found out I probably need knee surgery. We had a quick round of a stomach bug with Hannah. Adam needs to have more dental surgery soon. And I’ve been snowed under by a nasty cold/sinus infection for the past few days. But, I’m getting there! On the mend.

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Since I don’t need to dress for my teaching job anymore, I’ve ended up with a hodgepodge of new t-shirts and other casual paraphernalia. First, I got a pair of Bean boots. Which are actually amazing for snow and for trudging behind horses during Hannah’s equine PT. I had no idea there was a cult around these shoes, and that you have to order them waaay in advance because they take weeks and sometimes sell out for the season. I ordered mine back in October, they were here in plenty of time for snow.

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January 2016 Outfits

Thing I learned in January: I really like my new Cole Haan red canvas penny loafers. I wore them A LOT last month. My plan of wearing more dresses even though I’m working at home kind of fell through. I wore dresses twice: once just for fun, once for a dinner out. Which was for the 12th anniversary of my first date with Adam. Twelve years! I’m 36, so that is officially 1/3 of my life.

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November Outfits 2015

It’s been a great fall, and also a really weird one. I’ve stepped away from a few organizations I was really involved with because I just need a break. I’ve made some big decisions about work. And we hosted a great Thanksgiving.

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October 2015 Outfits-001

I’ve needed this week to kind of reboot a little and shift gears from fall/Halloween to HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL THE THINGS TO DO!!!

But October was pretty great. Mild weather, a great party, a killer homemade Halloween costume for Hannah. I got TWO new chunky turtleneck sweaters, which means prepare to see those two sweaters in constant rotation until March. I do not play around when it comes to turtleneck season.

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September 2015

I always love these September photos. You can see the transition as I go from looking like a complete summer schlub to an actual functioning member of society. My hair comes out of a ponytail! It’s a miracle!

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