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March 2015 Outfits

I’m a bit late with this, it’s been a week. It’s been a month. Hannah turned 3, I had the stomach flu for a week, spring never came. Huge highs, some lows. I’m glad March is over, but I’m also bummed. There’s no buildup to Hannah’s birthday anymore, and suddenly we just have a three-year-old.

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New Spring Dresses

Last month I bought these adorable new dresses. The red dots are from ModCloth, and the apple dress and grey dress are from Boden. I wore the apples once when the weather dared to climb above 50, but the rest are squirreled away for when the weather is actually warm. When is that going to happen?! This is the longest winter of all time. I want to wear my cute dresses with cute shoes.

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stof dots dress

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I finished her dress! I used McCall’s M6541 pattern, but I just made the basic little pinafore dress with it. No applique or Ric Rac. This is the same pattern my mom used for a blue version of this dress last summer, and Hannah is taller than the biggest dress size for the pattern now.

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February 2015 Outfits

I’ve been so sick this week and out of commission since Monday afternoon. I felt somehow inundated and not-quite-myself at work on Monday, which was supposed to be the kickoff to Read Across America at school. We had a delayed opening because of snow and ice, and the day’s events were rescheduled…to Wednesday, when I was home sick with the stomach flu.

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stof dot dress

Stof is a Danish fabric company completely unfamiliar to me until last week. Hannah and I went out to Pennington Quilt Works to spend my birthday coupon, and there were these magnificent dots. Stof’s Twist Style. The shop had more than one colorway, but this is the one Hannah and I both loved (she tried to run off with the bolt). So I bought a yard.

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January 2015 Outfits

I have a lot of big goals for 2015, but January was a little much. Hannah’s been waking up at all hours, and we’ve had snow days, pinkeye, and my own stomach bug just this week keeping us so cooped up ever since the holidays. And really tired. There have been a lot of leggings and ponytails this month, which usually means mama’s too tired for laundry and hairdos. I missed a lot of outfit photos, and I’m fairly sure I was wearing yoga pants on all of the missed days.

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November 2014 Outfits

I really don’t know what to say for myself here. I only remembered to take these photos for 2/3 of the month, and I wore completely identical outfits three times. This should give you some indication of the kind of month November has been.

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October 2014 Outfits

October is when I realized that my new khakis are not working for me. Also, I really love khakis. But they do not always love me. Also, even though October is my favorite month, I’ve been sick for most of it.

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September 2014 Outfit

I wore real clothes this month! Lots of them. And a bunch of new dresses from Modcloth (love the cute prints) and eShakti (addicted to the custom sizing) that I bought for back to school.

Also, I went back to school.

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mom outfits summer 2014

Can we just take a moment to oooh and aaah over the outfits my mom churned out for Hannah this summer? She was kind of on a roll.

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