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It’s time to put November to bed and head full-steam into December. I missed a few days of outfits while traveling and spending some lazy weekends in PJ’s this month, but you get the idea.

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I’ve got a 3-day week at school this week for NJ Teachers Convention. November is always kind of a short month, and yesterday I got all of my displays up. Much more on the ball than last month. I have the new books out, which I finally processed and got ready to circulate.

I kept the Lauren Child “Spotlight On” up because I ordered a ton of Charlie and Lola books that I was just able to put out this month.

Beverly Cleary is my Spotlight On chapter book author for November. Ramona is having a moment again.

I love the new picture books I ordered for this year. I hope the kids do, too. Some are brand new titles, some are books I love that we don’t have.

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The Halloween decorations are down, and it’s a quieter month in the library. We have a crazy schedule in November: off this Thursday and Friday for NJ Teachers’ Convention, full week next week, half days the next week for parent conferences, and then 2.5 days for Thanksgiving. Then it’s December, and the full force of holiday insanity is upon me. So I kept it low-key this month.

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