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So in addition to the fabulous time we had at the screening and at the park, we saw some pretty great convention sessions, too. I’m actually finishing up this post from the airport, we head home tonight and miss the ball and closing festivities. Which is a little sad, but I’ve been away from home for 3 weeks and am SO ready to get back (weather permitting)!

Some panels were just impossible for getting good photos because of our seats, or security measures, etc. The Opening Ceremony was excellent, and I can now officially say I understand what Pottermore is. That one was definitely no photos; they showed us some really cool stuff that no one else has seen yet. But I’m so glad I went, it’s all starting to make sense to me.

I also saw Snape (from Team Starkid) interviewing some Starkid folks, and we watched a screening of A Very Potter Musical. The 1st act, anyway. Neither of us had ever seen it before, hilarious. But as far as I can tell not worth the insane fangirl vibe running through the whole week–they did something like 4 different signings and photo ops, and each time the line took up the whole convention center.

We also went to a meetup for fans over 30, which was loads better than I was expecting. Some really great, informal discussion about the impact of the books. Lots of professors and educators there, plus some really excellent fans.

This was fun, a surprise MuggleCast/LeakyCast panel inside the park featuring Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood, 2nd from the right). It was her first time seeing the park, she was excited.

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