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Yep. It’s finally happened. Today’s the day, February 10th. I am now officially 30. Despite all my talk about accepting it gracefully, I was in a pretty bad mood today. I don’t think it was actually because of my birthday. Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up cranky for no reason and just can’t shake the crankiness all day? It was like that. With moments of sunshine, because I got lots of birthday wishes and all my classes were mercifully well-behaved. Plus my big book order for the year finally came yesterday, so I spent my prep digging through luscious boxes of never-before-opened books. So it wasn’t all bad.

I came home and showered off the grumps, and now I’m feeling happy and waiting for Adam to come home and take me out for my surprise dinner. No idea where we’re going, but I can’t wait.

**I forgot to note that this lasagna is what I made for my 30th birthday dinner party.

waiting to partyJackie’s 30th Lasagne (modified from Everday Italian by Giada De Laurentiis)

I made 2 of these, one with meat and one without. I made a pot of my sauce, but instead of ground beef and meat stock I added extra onion, basil, and only used veggie stock. So it is a vegetarian sauce.

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Whole Foods is completely spoiling me with its cheese department. Having a European husband set this course of events in motion, but really it’s my incredible proximity to Whole Foods since we moved that has pushed me over the edge.

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