I’m juggling a lot as May gets started, and I haven’t posted in 2 weeks. I’m getting over strep throat for the THIRD time since the beginning of April, and we’re getting ready for a family holiday this month. But April was a great month, with a spring break trip to Mystic, CT and my first quilt finish of 2017 (I know, it only took until April).

But, everyone has had strep. I’ve had it three times. So many antibiotics. Not so many outfit photos, since I spent a good chunk of the month in pajamas.

Aside from that, April was the start of some momentum on new projects. This blog turned 9 on April 16th (but I was away and didn’t┬ácelebrate). That got me thinking about what I want to do going forward, about cleaning up my social media, and about making some work moves. That last one really kicked in last week with a surprising turn, not sure yet if anything will come of it, but I’m hopeful! (So much vagueblogging). And, I bought a ton of geeky tees to get me through spring and summer, from Totally Good Time and Maker Valley.

So that was April.