Ugh, mini frittatas. They were such a promising idea while I was trying to continue my trend with Hannah of getting her to eat things in mini muffin form. But I just cannot get these to work. I’ve tried three different versions, and no matter what I do they glue¬†themselves to the inside of the pan. Mine is now a scratched-up mess from trying to liberate them. And, strangely, they seem to shrink up and deflate inside the pan. Not quite what I had in mind.

So, I’m retiring this particular idea. Better people than I have succeeded with this one (Pinterest tells me so), but Hannah was so averse to even trying anything with eggs and green bits that it’s just not worth it.

Which is a shame, because these were tasty.

mini frittatas 3

I basically mixed 6 eggs, a splash of heavy cream, a handful of shredded cheese (I tried cheddar and gruyere), crumbled up bacon (and also just diced bacon in one batch), and whatever greens I had on hand. Parsley, some spinach. One batch had some broccoli in it.

I heavily sprayed my muffin pan with nonstick spray in a nonstick pan, and I baked these at 350 for 15-18 minutes.

mini frittatas 2

My mission to get Hannah eating more food groups continues…with other recipes.