Today isn’t exactly a recipe, but I wanted to post about my adventures with fondant for the first time.

rolling fondant

Rolling out the fondant. That circle came with my Wilton Cake Class #3 kit, it has measurements so you can figure out how big to make your fondant sheet.

frosting a box

I didn’t have time to make a cake this week, so I practiced on a box. You have to put a very thin layer of regular frosting on the cake before adding the fondant. It makes it stick. You can also put a layer of Wilton piping gel along the bottom of the cake (box) to help with the bottom.

frosted box

Frosted box. Chocolate was a bad idea, it got into everything.

fondant box

Drop the sheet of fondant on the cake (box). My instructor told us it helps to prop the cake up on something (mine’s on some tupperware). Then you use scissors, a knife, whatever to cut the fondant that’s longer than the sides.

trimming the cake

Getting it nice and even.

gluing the ribbon on

I didn’t get the bottom 100% even, but that’s why there’s always a frosting border along the bottom of these cakes. We decorated ours with a big pink ribbon so it looks like a gift. My cake was supposed to be square, so I didn’t have enough pink fondant (which I died from white, it takes forever to knead in the color). We used clear vanilla and a small paintbrush to glue the pieces of fondant onto the cake.

my fondant box

Yeah. I need a lot of practice, but you get the idea.

someone's present cake

Someone else’s actual cake in class. The bow is stuffed with paper towels to keep the fluffy shape while it dries.

Okay, nothing about a cake shaped like a present is my thing. But I had fun with the fondant, even if my cake box is hideous.