Archive: October 17, 2009

pacman cupcakesI’m pretty excited about these. Late night cupcakes while Adam is mid-marathon. Actually, he’s more than halfway through. But I promised I would bake him something, and after dinner I baked and decorated these Pac Man cupcakes. I’m especially proud of the cherries, complete with white frosting highlights. I made 4 different colors of frosting, not counting the base white and chocolate. pac man cupcakes 2Then I had to make a milk run because we were out. Our 24 hour convenience store around the corner apparently closes at 11pm, so I made it in with just a few minutes to spare. The frosting is the vanilla flavor I made for the book club cake, the chocolate used for eyes is store bought.The cake recipe is the Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe from America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book. I’ve posted so many cake recipes lately, this one I just want to enjoy looking at. So no recipe tonight.

pac man cupcakes 2

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Adam’s 24 hour video game marathon is in full swing. And streaming live all day.

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