Today was the day, the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix. And it was some race. Fernando Alonso, the pole-sitter, went out of the race early on when one of his tires flew off his car. So LEWIS HAMILTON took the lead; last year’s world champion hasn’t won a single race all year. And today he won his first of the season. And we were there, it was incredible.

drivers parade

The drivers’ parade before the race. Can you tell they look excited?

fernando alonso

Pole-sitter Fernando Alonso talks to press. He was out early in the race when his tire fell off and he also suffered fuel pump damage.


Lewis Hamilton and his dad, under the umbrella. Hamilton won this Grand Prix.

race start

The start of the race. That car in the back is Lewis Hamilton’s, he went on to win the race!


Lewis Hamilton on the podium. He’s dating Nicole Sherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls. Only in America is she more famous than he is.