Asian Noodle SoupAmerica’s Test Kitchen:30-Minute Suppers is a special issue with 64 tear-out recipe cards featuring quick dinners. Since I like fast dinners and ATK never steers me wrong, I jumped on it. Tonight I tried the Asian Noodle Soup, a flavorful beef soup reminiscent of Vietnamese pho (so the recipe says). It was a big hit with Adam, and it definitely puts me on the path to learning new cuisines, but I need to get used to fish sauce. The noodles and the beef were delicious, but spoonfuls of the broth were just slightly too overpowering for me. Adam thought it was perfect, so I think it’s just a flavor I need to get used to. I can’t deny that it was easy and delicious (minus a slight aftertaste┬áin the broth).

Asian Noodle Soup
Serves: 4

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