Way back before Thanksgiving I had my 5th graders working on book reviews. They had to pick a book they’d read cover to cover this year or last year, and they had to write a review that included a one-sentence summary, why they liked or disliked the book, and whether or not they would recommend it to a friend. They did pretty well with this, but if I do it again next year I will definitely try to collaborate with the teachers or start from the beginning with selecting the books and reading them.

It was also a hard project to complete before the holidays. There are so many days off and assemblies, parties, etc. around then that it was hard to work on these continuously. They finished them before winter break, and I tucked them into a drawer for safekeeping until I displayed them in January. When I came back in January, I had completely forgotten where I put them. It wasn’t until a week or two ago when I finally stumbled across them again, so I just put this display up yesterday!