lovesplatSo here’s my Valentine’s Day post. The second book about Splat the Cat is called Love, Splat, and I. Love. It. I liked the first book, but now I feel like I know Splat a little better and there’s room to develop the characters more. Rob Scotton is English, and his humor is English but still kind of subtle. Splat wants to make a special Valentine for a girl in his class named Kitten (he likes her more than fish sticks and ice cream!). But he thinks Kitten hates him because she’s always touching him and tying his tail in knots. He works hard on a very homemade card for her, but then he finds out his rival Spike also likes Kitten. Spike gives her a very fancy homemade card telling all about the reasons she is so lucky to be liked by someone like Spike. Will Splat win his crush, or will she run off with his pompous enemy? It’s high drama, folks. And I just find Splat’s stuck-in-headlights expressions hysterical. I like this one.