I spent last Friday night in Astoria helping my friend Laura Ann redecorate her apartment. Our reward for a day of intensive designing and shopping was dinner at Sanford’s, a newly redesigned 24-hour spot on Broadway. Laura Ann explained that Sanford’s used to be sort of an old school diner, but a kitchen fire shut it down for a while. When it reopened, it was an incredibly stylish and jumping hotspot with some seriously fantastic food. We split the Ranch Quesadilla, which was perfect. I had the tomato soup (I could have bathed in it, it was that good) and the Butternut Squash Ravioli (in an almond sage cream sauce). The ravioli was so outstanding that I’m now completely obsessed with butternut squash and will be posting some cooking experiments with it very soon.

I unfortunately didn’t have my camera with me to take pictures, a serious oversight considering how much I liked this place. One of the best meals out I’ve had in quite some time. I’d never really been out in Astoria, and this place definitely gave me a reason to go back. Aside from all the work still to be done to Laura Ann’s apartment.