Last days anywhere are inherently awkward. I just had mine at my current/old job, and it was bittersweet. The kids made me lots of great cards, which I will hang up at home. I cried over the cards. But my brain wasn’t there; it was already planning for this new job, trying to remember everything I need to get done over the next couple of days, dealing with nerves that are natural with any new job. It’s a little like being disembodied. People always wait until you’re leaving to share nice sentiments about how much they liked you or will miss you, and the kids tried to get me to stay. So I feel like I’m cheating them a little because my body is there taking it all in but my brain had stolen my car, driven home, and was planning an outfit for my first day at this new job.

And what is the etiquette with cake? The staff bought me two cakes, one from everyone and one from the children’s department and the kids. They were both delicious, but I had no idea if I was supposed to take them home or leave them for everyone else to eat. They were those huge bakery sheet cakes, both saying “Good Luck, Jackie.” I don’t think Adam and I could eat those cakes by ourselves, so they’re certainly better off where the staff can enjoy them. But I felt bad leaving them there, I didn’t want anyone to think I was rejecting them (because they were mighty tasty). Hopefully they will get eaten.

The weirdest thing was seeing my desk completely empty. That’s always bizarre, isn’t it?