I’m having one of those days when I don’t think I can talk about anything more amusing than the stuff I’ve been finding on the web today. I’m just finding all kinds of excellent goodies.

First of all, I may have found the ultimate Girls Weekend extravaganza. I don’t know about any one else out there, but I personally have always wanted to be a Bond Girl or one of Charlie’s Angels. Or a Supreme, but that’s another topic entirely.

Then over at Fuse #8, Elizabeth wrote about the Most Shameful Non-Reads and asked what are the books that everyone else has read but you? This has sparked a great discussion, and now I don’t feel alone in this issue. I am constantly thinking about all the books I should have read but either never got to or have no interest in. I just read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe like last week. My list for the discussion included Watership Down and not one book from the series Hardy Boys, Cam Jansen, Edge Chronicles, or Boxcar Children.

Then to top it all off, I saw this hysterical video on Shelftalker about a war between fonts. Maybe it won’t seem as funny as it did to me, but I nearly fell off my chair laughing when WingDings appeared.