This week I have fought what feels like an endless migraine, inadvertently made countless children cry, and had trouble coming up with posts to write. Summer is getting to everyone. The kids who are with us at the library all day are getting increasingly bored and rowdy, leading to tears when you tell them to stop chasing each other. And my ability to think, make decisions, function is very diminished. It’s the halfway mark for Summer Reading, and we’re all definitely getting a little burned out.

Not that I didn’t have a great weekend. Despite working 9-5 yesterday, I’ve been getting through my pile of books to read, had friends over to the house, and did some serious domestic shopping at Costco, Lowe’s, and Target. Now I’m hiding from the 90-something degree weather. We had Fajita Night again with some friends last night, and again I forgot to take pictures. I think it’s just too much fun to remember the camera. And I finally bought a decent transitional storage solution for my 60+ pairs of shoes until the day when we can build my dream closet. Right now they just line the floor of my closet so I can never close the door. All in all, an excellent weekend. Now I’m going to watch the German F1 Grand Prix.