When I came home from work on Monday, there was a grill on the couch. Adam took the day off to spend with his mother and stepfather, who have been staying with us this week. And he decided the time was finally right for a grill, so there it was. On my couch. At least, the main grill section was. The cabinet and various accessory pieces were strewn around the living room in boxes, waiting to be assembled.

One assembly marathon and a successful trial-run burger night later, we were ready for a real Saturday cookout. I picked up some kebobs from Whole Foods (chicken with mustard and beef “Santa Fe style”), which were amazing, and we had my mother over for a small family cookout. Adam is really good with that grill, the food was all delicious. He finally got to wear the In ‘N Out Burger apron we picked up on a pilgrimage in Las Vegas. I’m excited about this idea of him grilling while I hang out. I did make the two Bobby Flay salsas made popular by Fajita Night, but other than that he did all the work. An excellent afternoon.