I take back every hint of doubt I had last night about this pie. I have a confession to make: I only let this cool for about 2 and a half hours, when I was actually supposed to cool it for 4. I stuck it in the special Turbo Chill drawer of my fridge and hoped for a speedy finish. In my rush to eat it last night before falling asleep, I didn’t follow the directions.

But today, it’s like a whole new dessert. Properly chilled, this thing is seriously pretty amazing. The chocolate was solid, the crust was 10 times yummier, and the marshmallow was fully set. Adam’s eyes widened. That’s the tell-tale sign for me to know I’ve triumphed.

And, I also realized that Smitten Kitchen‘s Pie is S’More Pie, not S’Mores.

Day two rules!