I’ve been knitting for about 6 years, sewing in some way as an adult for about 2 and a half, crafting most of my life. But only recently did I take up crochet. I took a lesson a few weeks back at Wooly Monmouth in Red Bank, but I needed to finish The Neverending Scarf and put crochet on the back burner. This weekend I have a bad cold and wanted activities that were productive but involved staying on the couch. Crochet time!

I don’t know if it’s the delirium I’m in right now or the fact that I’m too used to knitting, but crochet is fast becoming my arch nemesis. In my attempts to make a simple scarf I started with 22 chain stitches, jumped magically to 24 at some point during my crocheting, and then somehow managed to decrease down to 13 stitches before I noticed. This was after my 3rd attempt this weekend to crochet, the first three failing because my pathological decreasing keeps resulting in triangles. I’ve stared at diagrams, had A Ha! moments where I think I’ve figured out what’s wrong, and still I came up wonky. I am the Bermuda Triangle of crocheting.

When the fog clears from my brain, I will probably look at the problem and immediately understand where I’m messing up. After all, this is the person who decided in the middle of a feverish haze that it was the perfect time to go grocery shopping. My faculties can’t be trusted. But, if I still can’t figure it out I’ll go back to Wooly Monmouth and beg for mercy.