Time to Pick New Glasses

I’m trying out glasses.com for my new frames, so I picked 5 frames to try on at home. I have to send them back ASAP and make my choices, and I’m stuck. I’m definitely getting pair #2, but I can’t decide on the second pair. I was leaning towards #3 (bottom left), but seeing them in photos I’m not sure. I was going for kind of a dorky chic thing, but they may be neither. Adam says #1 makes me look like Will.I.Am, and they are BabyPhat frames so I see where he’s going with that. I have no idea, any thoughts?

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  1. elizabeth Says:

    i was totally going to say 4 until i read that you’re leaning toward 3, and then i realized that 3&4 are pretty similar. i like them both! i’m so used to rectangle frames on me, that i don’t even know if i’ve tried round ones, and i really like them on you! (as well as 2!)

  2. Walter Says:

    I can’t really see the difference between 3 & 4, but I like both of them.

    I personally think that #1 is far too wide/large for your face. The angle of the lenses, taller on the outside than the inside, creating a large “x” on your face, is generally unflattering. In comics, they would be glasses for villains.

    If you’re after dorky chic, I think you should look at 5. It’s a classic. (Coincidentally, that pair looks a lot like what “Otto” wears these days.)

  3. jackie Says:

    How is “Otto” these days? Do you think we’ll ever be able to refer to him that way without quotes? I went with #2 and #5.

  4. jackie Says:

    I love the new glasses, 2 and 5 all the way. :)

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