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On July 7th we went to Pearl Harbor. It deserves its own post, honestly.

The entire Pearl Harbor site is a solemn, efficient, respectful, and yet somehow still entirely pleasant experience. They allow pictures pretty much everywhere; the entire site exists to keep Pearl Harbor in everyone’s memory. The staff are very informed and polite, and they treat military men with the utmost respect. Especially older ones. Some of the last remaining survivors volunteer there and tell their stories.

The Visitors Center lets you buy tickets for all the sites (USS Arizona, USS Missouri, USS Bowfin, Pacific Aviation Museum) in one place. The USS Arizona Memorial is obviously the big draw here, and the tickets are free. But you have to go early or the tours will run out. We got there around 9am, and we were on a 12:15 tour for the Arizona. So we went to the Pacific Aviation Museum in the meantime, and it is so well done.

The museum is split into 2 hangars on Ford Island, 37 and 79. Hangar 37 is a detailed recreation of the events of December 7, 1941 and the months that followed.

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Chichen ItzaYesterday’s trip to Chichén Itzá was awesome.

Our ride picked us up late around 7:30am due to a misunderstanding, and he dropped us off at one of the more upscale malls in the Hotel Zone of Cancun. We paid for our tickets in the midst of a large souvenir shop attached to a restaurant. We had to wait there for about 20 minutes, and we were told we could buy breakfast from the buffet or shop in the store (the only thing open in the mall). We were given a 10% off coupon for both.

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barackI was reading Roger Ebert’s blog over the weekend, and he posted about elevation. His post was about crying at the movies; Ebert says he never cries over a sad ending or moment, but rather in moments of extreme goodness. I feel very much the same way. My eyes well up when I am just so moved by the ability of people to be good. It happens when I watch movies, it happens with my students all the time, it even happens when I watch some commercials.

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MLK library displayThis is the display I put up after the new year to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. We have some really great books about MLK, but I have to say that in general I’ve had trouble finding a lot of decent ones for younger kids. I love these two, and I think they are the best for very young children.

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